myCNC control software is available for the following operating systems:

  • Linux 64bit
  • Linux 32 bit
  • Embedded ARM-Linux 32bit (armhf) (Raspberry Pi2, Raspberry Pi3, Odroid-XU4, Cubieboard, Cubietruck)
  • Embedded ARM-Linux 64bit (aarch64) (Odroid-C2)
  • MS Windows 64 bit
  • MS Windows 32 bit (*on demand)
  • Apple Mac OS (*on demand)
  • Android (**alpha testing)

 myCNC software installation packages

Release date Linux
32bit(x86_32) 64bit(x86_64)
Widows 7, 64bit Windows 10, 64bit ARM Linux 32 bit
(Asus Tinkerboard,
Raspberry Pi2, Cubieboard2)
ARM Linux 64 bit
2019 Jun 14 myCNC-1.88.3131 myCNC-1.88.3131 myCNC-1.88.3131 myCNC-Embedded-1.88.3131


For a full list of downloads, please visit the Downloads page.