Souvenir making CNC machine

Special purpose CNC machine from our customer based on myCNC-ET10 CNC controller.




3D printer

Robots retrofit can be made with myCNC control.

Here is Robotec robot controlled by our new myCNC-ET15 board. Retrofit isn't finished yet, lots of work to do.

Next steps are robot kinematics implementation and "teach" mode.



to be continued...








CNC Laser Cutting machine


For laser cutting control myCNC has

  • Torch Height control (THC)  for laser
  • Initial Height Control (IHC) - probing and set cutting height before cut, Lift up Laser Head after cut
  • Laser Power modulation depends on cutting speed to reduce sheet overheat on corners



Metalworking Lathe retrofit


Pulse-Dir Closed loop with line encoders

Threading operations




Woodworking lathe retrofit


2 spindles

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