myCNC updates - Hardware Pendant

The myCNC team is currently working on an update to add support for the Hardware Pendant to the myCNC software.

This will feature the same functionality that is currently available via hardkeys/hotkeys from within the software. However, by offloading the processing of the pendant commands to the myCNC controller, response times have been greatly reduced. This should prove to be especially noticeable on older systems, as well as the Raspberry Pi and TinkerBoard computers, and will mitigate the issues in cases where pendant commands would be delayed due to the computer being unresponsive or hanging up due to the computer's hardware limitations.

The next step for the Hardware Pendant feature is the addition MPG wheel support, where the improvements in response time will be even more noticeable.

The feature is planned to be released in the next few days, and will be available to download from our website ( or directly from within myCNC software's Support tab.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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