New Machine Axis Configuration options

The latest myCNC update (v.1.88.4543) brings additional kinematics options for different machine configurations.

Improvements are made to the Jewellery section, and two new configurations (XYZ_A and XYZ_B) are added for 4-axes setups.

You can update the application through the Support tab.

Stay tuned for further updates!

  • 15pc-et6-wp-001.jpg
  • 15PC-ET7R2C-WP1-005.jpg
  • cnc-70.jpg
  • et6-a-009.jpg
  • et6-din-001.jpg
  • et7-10pc-001.jpg
  • et7-22pc-001.jpg
  • et7-50.jpg
  • et7-pendant.jpg
  • et10+bb+10pc-001.jpg
  • et10+bb+10pc-004.jpg
  • et10+bb+10pc-006.jpg
  • et10+bb+10pc-008.jpg
  • et10+bb-002.jpg
  • et10+bb-004.jpg