Customized LiveCD Ubuntu Mate 18.04LTS with installed myCNC software

The LiveCD is in beta-testing, provided AS IS. A manual on LiveCD installation is available on our Documentation Wiki.

Release date Description
2020 Jun 29

Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS + myCNC

Changelog: New release. Beta testing. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

2019 Dec 06

Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3 + myCNC


  • Ubuntu updated to 18.04.3 LTS
  • eGalax touch screen drivers are added and ready to install
  • Anydesk software ready

 myCNC software installation packages

NOTE: We strongly encourage users to utilize out Ubuntu MATE image provided above.

Release date Linux
32bit(x86_32) 64bit(x86_64)
Windows 7, 32bit Windows 7, 64bit

Windows 10, 64bit

Windows 10, 32bit

ARM Linux 32 bit
(Asus Tinkerboard,
Raspberry Pi4)
ARM Linux 64 bit

2022 May 31 myCNC-1.88.5469 myCNC-1.88.5449 myCNC64-1.88.5469 myCNC 64bit Win10 1.88.5658 Follow instructions on the Downloads page 


For a full list of downloads, please visit the Downloads page.