Frequently Asked Question

How to install myCNC on my Cubieboard2 computer

1. Number of packages are needed to run myCNC sofware on Cubieboard2.
To install it run -
sudo   apt-get   update
sudo   apt-get   install   ffmpeg   libsdl1.2debian   libopencv-dev   libusb-1.0

2. Download myCNC-arm-linux last distribution file from download page.

3. Run the file with administrator rights:

 sudo ./

4. Press Y <Enter> to confirm you like to install myCNC software.

5. Press Y  <Enter> to accept EULA terms.

6. Enter myCNC destination folder ("myCNC" by default). The software will be installed on "/opt/YOUR_FOLDER"

7. Installation will be finished in a few seconds.

8. To run the myCNC software use script file in myCNC folder.