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FAQs - myCNC software

myCNC software offers import of DXF and HPGL files and convert it to g-code for different technology processes:

  • Engraving;
  • Mill cutting;
  • Plasma cutting;
  • Gas cutting;
  • Camera (computer vision);
  • Tangential knife;
  • 45 degree Tangential knife;

It's possible to generate g-code that use several technology process and automatical switching between them (like Camera alignment and engraving, tangential knife and mill cutting)

myCNC softwareDXF/HPGL convert to G-codes settings

Some settings can be selected for each technology process.


  1. "Tool lift": tool moves between cuts/engraving on this "safe" height.
  2. "Z": Z position for engraving - machine perform engraving on this height.
  3. "Feed" : engraving speed.


convert DXF to g-code (Engraving)

Example of DXF to G-code conversion for engraving


Mill/Router cutting:

  1. "Tool lift": tool moves between cuts on this "safe" height.
  2. "Material thickness": Thickness of material to cut. It's supposed that Top of material has position Z=0. If material thickness is "H", tool will end cutting on position Z=-H.
  3. "Cut Depth": Depth of each cutting pass.
  4. "Feed" : cutting speed.

myCNC software generates multi-pass cutting starting from Z=-Depth, then -2Depth, -3Depth,...,-H.
Each pass going deeper to "Cut Depth" value.

 myCNC software, DXF/HPGL to G-code conversion for mill cutting