Frequently Asked Question

Connection with CNC control board lost (established) if I press "Save" button in configuration dialog. Why?

There are 2 ways to set IP address of myCNC Ethernet controller.

1) Configuration dialog, "Network" Tab, "Controller IP address"

2) In command line while starting myCNC software with option "-L"
For example, Linux:

./Linux/myCNC  -dUt   -pVision  -L192.168.0.178


c:\MyCNC\bin\myCNC.exe  -dUt   -pVision  -L192.168.0.178

Command line option "-L" have higher priority. IP address with "L" otion is used first.

However when "Save" button in configuration dialog pressed, myCNC software reloads settings from configuration file and data from Configuration dialog/"Network" tab takes effect.

If you have different IP address settings in "Network" tab and command line "L" option - you will get connection lost (established) when "Save" button pressed.