Frequently Asked Question

How to copy configuration to another computer.

Current configuration is stored in profile folder. To copy configuration you need to copy a profile folder with its content to new computer.

There are 2 ways to transfer profile folder.

1) Direct copy profile folder.

Current profile folder is placed in "User" folder. User foder depends on Operating System.

For MS WIndows 7 a complete path to profile folder is "C:\Users\USER_NAME\myCNC\profiles\PROFILE_NAME"

For Linux a complete path usually is "/home/USER_NAME/.config/myCNC/profiles/PROFILE_NAME"


It's a good way to make archive file from profile folder and transfer the only archive file from one computer to another.

On a picture - user name is "H7", profile to copy is "1280V"

On next screenshot - destination example for Linux Ubuntu Mate computer.

User name is "mycnc", home folder is "/home/mycnc", a complete path to put profile "/home/mycnc/.config/myCNC/profiles"

Copy archive file "1280V.7z" there, extract files from archive - double click on the archive file in File Manager,
New window with archive content will be opened,
press right button and select extract file.



2) Transfer through Profile Archive.

myCNC can store current profile snapshot to mySQL database file. This file can be transfered to another computer and profile restored form the archive.

By default database file is stored in -

 "C:\MyCNC\db\profiles.sqlite" (for MS Windows)

"/home/USER_NAME/myCNC/db/profiles.sqlite" (for Linux)

To store current profile press "Ctrl+Z". Profile save dialog will be shown. You can enter comments and enter/change save date to easy identify the shapshot while load.



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