Frequently Asked Question

How to use potentiometer to change current speed.

1) Potentiometer should be connected to any of ADC inputs of Etherenet control board (ET1, ET5). Schematic connection is shown on a picture below.

2) Software Connection of ADC input to "change-over-speed" should be configured.
Item configuration is situated in "cnc-variables.xml" configuration file.

<value name="cnc-connection-item-001"
K0="25" K="0.030525" deviation="16">0</value>

Attribute "source" describe source connection. It's "adc" in this case. Attribute "dest" describes destination of connection.

Possible sources/destinations are:

  • adc
  • pwm
  • dac
  • input-pin
  • input-port
  • output-pin
  • output-port
  • item

If defined source is changed, destination is changed according given ratios K0, K.

Destination value= K0 + (K*source)

For given example ADC input range is 0...4095.

So motion over-speed is changed from
(25+0.030525*0 to

Destination value is updated if source value is changed more than given deviation.