Frequently Asked Question

How to update myCNC software on Odroid/Raspberry Pi/Cubieboard

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+F to open console window.

2. Start Firefox Brwser. Type -
firefox <Enter>

3. Goto http://www.pv-automation/download page and download the version of myCNC-Embedded

4. Close Firefox

5. goto Home folder, type on console window -
cd  ~  <Enter>

6. run myCNC-embedded distribution package, type -
bash    ./  <Enter>

7. Follow instruction (press <Enter> a few times)

8. Goto myCNC foder, type -
cd    ~/myCNC <Enter>

9. Execution binary file is updated during installation process. Profile is placed in Configuration folder and keep untouched. It should be updated manually in needed. Mostly likely Screen should be updated with new installation. PLC & Macros configuration may contain your specific data and should NOT be updated by default.

a) Update Screen configuration, type -

bash   ./ <Enter>

b) Update PLC binary files -

bash   ./ <Enter>

c) Update Macros files -

bash   ./ <Enter>

10. Set default profile name. Put profile name you need as content of "profile"  in /home/operator/.config/myCNC folder, type
echo   P1024   >/home/operator/.config/myCNC/profile

11. Copy starting script from your platform template, type (for Odroid-XU4)
type (for Raspberry Pi2)