Frequently Asked Question

How to install myCNC on Linux.

1. Run Web Bwrowser (Firefox), open web page and download the last version of myCNC for Linux.



2. Open Dolphin utlity.

3. Open "Downloads" folder, find myCNC distribution file, press RIGHT button on it and select "Properties" menu.

4. Select "Permission" tab, SET "is executable" checkbox, press "OK" button.


5. DOUBLE-CLICK on the downloaded file "". Installation will be started.

6. Press "Y" and "ENTER" to confirm start installation.

7. Press "Y" and "ENTER" to accept EULA terms.

8. Press "ENTER" to accept "myCNC" folder to install the software.

9. Enter administrator password and press "ENTER"

10. Press "ENTER". Installation will be finished.

11. Press RIGHT button on the "K" menu icon. Select "Edit Application" menu.

12. Press "New Item" button, enter "myCNC" name for new item. Press "OK" button.

13. Select new "myCNC" menu, select "General" tab, enter name" myCNC" and command  "~/myCNC/"

14. Select "Advanced" tab, enter "~/myCNC/" workpath and press "Save" button.

15. Menu item "myCNC" in K-menu is ready to launch myCNC control software.