We offer a number of CNC Motion Control electronic kits, which include:

  • CNC Ethernet Motion Control board - one of ET6, ET7, ET10, ET15 (under development)
  • TFT screen electronics kit (10.1" / 15.6" IPS Full HD 1920*1080 panel, eDP to HDMI driver board, eDP flex cable, HDMI cable, 10.1" / 15.6" 5-wire resistive touch screen, eGalax USB touch screen driver board with a USB cable)
  • Single board computer with Linux OS (Ubuntu Mate 16.04 or Armbian) and myCNC CNC Control software installed, such as:
    • Odroid-C2 computer board (ARMv8 64 bit, 1500MHz 4 Core CPU, 2G RAM, 16G Flash (microSD class U1), USB Wifi)
    • ASUS Tinkerboard computer board (ARM 32 bit, 1800MHz 4 Core CPU, 2G RAM, 16G Flash (microSD class U1), USB Wifi)
  • Wireless Pendant control and myCNC control software are compatible with popular pendant models such as:
    • XHC WHB02 (in stock),
    • XHC WHB04L,
    • XHC PHB02 (in stock)
    • XHC PHB02,
    • XHC PHB02B,
    • XHC PHB03S,
    • XHC PHB04B-6 (in stock)
  • CNC Vision camera kits
  • Optional operator panel (for the ET7 controller only). ET7 control board has a connector for optional Operator panel keyboard. The board contains
    • 21 keys (fully customized in the Control software)
    • 2 rotary encoder (customized)
    • 1 double axis analogue resistive joystick for XY jogging

 For a full overview of our kits, please visit the Ethernet CNC electronic kits page.