MyCNC Software Profile for the Tangential Knife


The Tangential Knife profile in myCNC Software (X1366V) allows for a variety of applications depending on the tools used.


The main software screen of the 1366V profile is presented below:

The configuration of the tangential knife profile is similar to that of a 4-axes mill profile, which can be located here. The notable differences between the two profiles lie in the addition of the functions designed specifically for the tangential knife cutting applications. The profile also features integrated camera controls for the use of CNC Vision within the myCNC software (automatic distortion and shift correction using registration markers). Using these "fiducials" (registration markers), the software automatically alters the G-code of the control program. As such, the X1366V profile allows an all-in-one solution for cutting purposes such as cutting textiles, prints, etc.

The following buttons allow for easy switching between the different tools that may be part of the overall machine:

001-spindle.jpg Switch the working tool to spindle
002-tangential-knife.jpg Switch the working tool to tangential knife
003-creasing-wheel.jpg Switch the working tool to creasing wheel
004-marker.jpg Switch the working tool to marker
005-camera.jpg Switch the working tool to camera
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