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myCNC control software is available for the following operating systems:

  • Linux 64bit
  • Linux 32 bit
  • Embedded ARM-Linux 32bit (armhf) (Raspberry Pi2, Raspberry Pi3, Odroid-XU4, Cubieboard, Cubietruck)
  • Embedded ARM-Linux 64bit (aarch64) (Odroid-C2)
  • MS Windows 64 bit
  • MS Windows 32 bit (*available on demand)
  • Apple Mac OS (*on demand)
  • Android (**alpha testing)

 myCNC software installation packages

Release date Linux
32bit(x86_32) 64bit(x86_64)
Windows 7, 32bit Windows 7, 64bit Windows 10, 64bit ARM Linux 32 bit
(Asus Tinkerboard,
Raspberry Pi4)
ARM Linux 64 bit
2020 Jul 01       myCNC-1.88.4056  
2020 Jun 29 myCNC-1.88.4032 myCNC-1.88.4032 myCNC-1.88.4032 myCNC-1.88.4032  

2020 Jun 06


2020 May 19

 myCNC-1.88.3938  myCNC-1.88.3938 myCNC-1.88.3938 myCNC-1.88.3938  

2019 Nov 15







Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable package needed to myCNC for work under Windows 7/32 bit and Windows 10/64bit
It can be downloaded directly from Microsoft web site or with these links

Microsoft C++ 2015 Redistributable x86 (32bit)                  Microsoft C++ 2015 Redistributable x64 (64bit)

In some cases, Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 redistributable package might be needed as well

 Microsoft C++ 2013 Redistributable x86 (32bit)                  Microsoft C++ 2013 Redistributable x64 (64bit)

 myCNC profiles

Release date Profile Description Screenshot

2019 Dec 27


Basic 3-axes mill profile (screen resolution of 1366x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27


4-axes mill profile (screen resolution of 1366x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27


4-axes mill profile, encoder support (screen resolution of 1366x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27 X1366P

Basic 3-axes plasma cutting profile (screen resolution of 1366x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27 X1366P-T4

Plasma cutting profiles - 4-axes Tube Cutting (screen resolution of 1366x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27 X1366G

Gas cutting profile (screen resolution of 1366x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27 X1366GA

Gas cutting profile, Automatic Gas Console support (screen resolution of 1366x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27 X1366V

Tangential cutting profile, camera support (screen resolution of 1366x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27 1024P-V2

Plasma cutting profile, 3 axes (screen resolution of 1024x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27 1024P-T4

Plasma cutting profile, 4 axes, tube cutting (screen resolution of 1024x768 and up)

2019 Dec 27 1280VK

Tangential cutting profile - tangential knife, creasing wheel, marker, camera support (screen resolution of 1280x800 and up)



ISO image files for Linux SBC

We provide ready-to-go image files with complete Linux OS and myCNC software installed for the Single Board Computers Raspberry-Pi2/3, Odroid-C2, Odroid-XU4, Asus TinkerBoard.

  1. The image file should be unpacked by 7z archiver, then
  2. Use either Rufus or Etcher software utilities to burn the image to a microSD card

Installation manual for single board computers is available online here

Release date SBC board Disk Image Description / Updates
2020 Jan 25 Raspberry Pi4-2G


The first release for Raspberry Pi4, disk image set up for 15.6" Screen,
resolution 1600x900 

- Ubuntu packages updated
- Teamviewer 14.6 installed
- Anydesk 2.9 installed

2019 Nov 26 Asus Tinker Board tb-2019-1126.iso.7z 

Disk image configured for 15.6" Screen 1366x768 resolution

- Ubuntu packages updated
- eGalax touch screen drivers and calibration utility added


Customized LiveCD Ubuntu Mate 18.04LTS with installed myCNC software

The LiveCD is in Alpha-testing, provided AS IS. A manual on LiveCD installation is available on our Documentation Wiki

  1. LiveCD can be burned to  DVD disk or written to USB disk with either Rufus or Etcher software utilities.
Release date Description
2020 Jun 29

Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS + myCNC

New release. Beta testing. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

2019 Dec 06

Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3 + myCNC



  • Ubuntu updated to 18.04.3 LTS
  • eGalax touch screen drivers are added and ready to install
  • Anydesk software ready


Plasma Cutting Cutcharts

Plasma Power Source Cutcharts file Cutcharts CSV table Screenshot
Powermax45 Powermax45 Cutcharts Powermax45 CSV  
Powermax65/85 Powermax65/85 Cutcharts Powermax65/85 CSV  
Powermax105 Powermax105 Cutcharts Powermax105 CSV  
Powermax125 Powermax125 Cutcharts Powermax125 CSV
Kjellberg Cutfire 100i

Kjellberg Cutfire 100i Cutcharts

Kjellberg Cutfire 100i CSV

Kjellberg Smart Focus 200

Kjellberg Smart Focus 200 Cutcharts

Kjellberg Smart Focus 200 CSV

Elettro 735

Elettro 735 Cutcharts

Elettro 735 CSV

Elettro 1880 Elettro 1880 Cutcharts Elettro 1880 CSV  


Gas Cutting Cutcharts

Power Source Cutcharts file Cutcharts CSV file Screenshot

Post Processors

Release Date Post Processor
2019-06-10 SheetCam (Mill)
2019-06-10 SheetCam (Plasma)
2019-08-29 Fusion360 (3 axis mill)

Vectric VCarve (mm)

Vectric VCarve (inch)


Language Translation Files

Localization Pack