All myCNC Controllers work under Host Computer with myCNC Control software. myCNC Control Software is multi-platform software working on Windows (7,8,10), Linux, Embedded Linux operating systems. Desktop PC, Laptop, Industrial PC or Single board computer (like Raspberry Pi2/3,  Odroid-C2/XU4, Asus Tinker Board, Rock64) can be Host for myCNC control board to build CNC control package. We offer wide range of CNC electronic kits including myCNC controller, Host PC (based on Linux Single board computer), Touch screens, Wireless Pendant controls.


Controller myCNC-ET6 myCNC-ET7 myCNC-ET10 myCNC-ET15
 Number of Motor outputs  6  6  6  8
 Pulse-Dir  6 channels, 3MHz  6 channels, 3MHz  6 channels, 3MHz  
Analogue -10V...+10V outputs  -  -  6 channels  8 channels
 Galvanic Isolated inputs  8  16  48  72
 Encoder inputs
(line driver differential pair inputs)
 -  3 (AB)  6 channels (4/ABC +2/AB)   8 channels (ABC)
Closed Loop Motion Control   no

 3 Channels  (Pulse/Dir+Encoders)

6 Channels  (Pulse/Dir+Encoders)
6 Channels  (Analog -10..+10V+Encoders)
8 Channels  (Pulse/Dir+Encoders)
8 Channels  (Analog -10..+10V+Encoders)
Closed Loop PWM control
(Auto gas console, 3D printer temperature control etc)

 3 Channels  (PWM+ADC)

4 Channels  (PWM+ADC) 4 Channels  (PWM+ADC)
Built-in THC
(for plasma, gas, laser cutting)


 yes  yes
 Outputs (Total)  7  19  28  72
(Open Collector 0.25A 24V)
 2  11 24  64
PWM Outputs
(Open Collector 0.25A 24V)
 3  3  4  8
Relay Outputs
(AC250V 16A)
2  5  no  no
 RS485/RS422 Modbus for IO expansion boards, communication with plasma, laser power sources etc  1  1  2 (#0 reserved for special purpose applications)  2