Our Vision

We are a company located in Ottawa, Canada, formed by a group of electrical and software professionals who have been developing CNC controllers and software for CNC cutting machines since 1996. Our system is used by one of the leaders for metal cutting and welding equipment in the Eastern European market, as well as by hundreds of milling, plasma and oxy-fuel machines around the world.

What makes us different?

The focus of Puruvesi Automation and the myCNC project is to provide our customers with the tools they need for any circumstance they may require. In order to allow for a range of configurations and unique setups that our clients employ, we provide a vast array of CNC controller kits, which include a variety of control boards, screens, wireless pendants, operator panels, cameras and host computers. Over the years,  we have worked closely with CNC shops around the world and have implemented a number of features specifically tailored for our customers, as well as made radical changes and alterations to our existing software. Every CNC shop and every client is unique, and we pride ourselves in being able to suit nearly every setup and machine configuration due to myCNC's vast customizability.

We combine quality with value, allowing both the small-scale operations and the large-scale production lines to find something they can enjoy in our product lineup. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that we got you covered.

Mission Driven

Our passion lies in developing high-quality equipment that allows our customers to take full control of their machines. We are a group of electronic developers and programmers, and the features that we add to myCNC come from our personal experience on the production floor. With a commitment to quality and long-term support of the myCNC project, we plan to continue innovating and expanding our existing product lines, as well as creating new exciting tools for CNC shops around the world.


Our History

Global Reach