myCNC-ET6 controller board


myCNC-ET6 controller specification

Number motor outputs


Motor driver outputs

differential line driver outputs compatible with EIA RS-422 Standard

Maximum pulse frequency

3 MHz


8x galvanic isolation,
PNP/NPN sensors compatible


2x - relays 10A, NO/NC contacts
2x - open collector, 24V, 0.25A

PWM outputs

3x - open collector, 24V, 0.25A,

DAC output

1x - 0...10V (for spindle speed control and relative applications)


1x RS485 half-duplex serial communication,

Power supply outputs for control computer

2x DC-DC converters 5V 1.5A



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 myCNC-ET6 board contains built-in DC-DC converter and mounting holes to install and power-up Odroid/Raspberry computer board. Standard monitor with HDMI can be connected to Odroid-C2 computer board. Screen resolution up to 1920x1080 (Full HD) supported.  Fully functional Ubuntu 16.04 Linux and myCNC control software installed on the computer. NC code files can be uploaded to the computer through Wifi (Samba Server, FTP Server installed on the computer) or USB disks.

We can offer affordable 10" or 15.6" screen with resistive touch to build a complete stand-alone CNC control kit.