This page hosts some of the videos of Puruvesi Automation clients using myCNC controllers. For a full list of videos, please visit our YouTube channel.

Gear cutting with a  myCNC controller

Height mapping in action

Flycut laser engraving

Plasma cutting with myCNC-ET7

Fume exhaust control for a plasma cutting table using myCNC

Fadal 4020 ATC Mill retrofit

Cutting plotter with a 45 degree knife

Mill ATC machine with myCNC-ET7

Plasma cutting machine based on myCNC-ET7 controller

Mill ATC machine with up to 20 tools, using myCNC-ET15

Vision demo - automatic marker recognition and distortion correction

Customer's CNC router with MQL. 

Client's epoxy granite CNC mill based on myCNC-ET10 controller

Client's CNC plasma machine based on myCNC-ET7 

Client's 4 axes CNC mill based on a myCNC CNC controller


Dental CNC mill - Part 1

Dental CNC mill - Part 2