Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?

We are a company located in Ottawa, Canada, formed by a group of electrical and software professionals who have been developing CNC controllers and software for CNC profile cutting machines since 1996. Our system is used by one of the leaders for metal cutting and welding equipment in the Eastern European market, as well as by hundreds of milling, plasma and oxy-fuel machines around the world.


Is a PC required to use the myCNC controller?

Yes, a PC is required to run the myCNC software, which will be used to control the myCNC board. You can use a full industrial PC (such as the one provided in some controller kits in our Shop), or you can use a small single board computer, such as a Raspberry Pi, an Odroid or a TinkerBoard. The links to download the myCNC software are available at our Downloads page.


Is a myCNC controller required to use the myCNC software?

Yes, a myCNC controller is needed to use most of the functions of the myCNC software. The main software itself is free and can be downloaded from our Downloads page. Please note that certain specialized software add-ons (such as G-code correction via DXF import with markers) are available as separate licenses which do have to be purchased in addition to the controller.

The software can be downloaded and tested in Simulation mode, designed to help the user get a feel for the software layout and functions. However, the Simulation mode is highly restrictive, with most features not accessible without a myCNC controller.


How do I purchase the myCNC controller? What kit is right for me?

You can either purchase the controller alone, which will require you to set up a computer running the myCNC software that is required for the controller to function, or, alternatively, you can buy a kit which would include a computer with pre-installed myCNC software, a wireless pendant and a touchscreen in addition to the myCNC board. This second option allows for an all-in-one solution with components that we have already tested for full compatibility, and will require less time for the software setup.
The necessary kit will depend on your particular application (for example, for plasma cutting we recommend using a myCNC-ET7 controller), so if in doubt, please contact our support team so that we can assess your needs. The controllers and all other hardware and software packages can be purchased via our Online Shop.

How do I navigate the myCNC software?

A short introduction to myCNC software is available here:

If you would like more information about all the particular buttons and on-screen elements in a particular myCNC profile, please consult the MyCNC Screen manual.


For more information about specific technologies and features implemented in the myCNC controllers and software, please visit our Documentation.