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  • myCNC.1.87.5000_20170319_212743.png
  • myCNC.1.87.5000_20170319_235621.png
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myCNC control software available for following operating systems:

  • Linux 64bit
  • Linux 32 bit
  • Embedded ARM-Linux 32bit (armhf) (Raspberry Pi2, Raspberry Pi3, Odroid-XU4, Cubieboard, Cubietruck)
  • Embedded ARM-Linux 64bit (aarch64) (Odroid-C2)
  • MS Windows 64 bit
  • MS Windows 32 bit
  • Apple Mac OS (*on demand)
  • Android (**alfa testing)

 myCNC software installation packages

Release date Linux 32bit
Linux 64bit
Win32 Win64 ARM Linux 32 bit
(Asus Tinkerboard, Odroid-XU4,
Raspberry Pi2, Cubieboard2)
ARM Linux 64 bit (Odroid-C2)
2018 Sep 06 myCNC-1.88.2352 myCNC-1.88.2352 myCNC-1.88.2352 myCNC-Embedded-1.88.2352
2018 Sep 03 myCNC-1.88.2341 myCNC-1.88.2341 myCNC-1.88.2341 myCNC-Embedded-1.88.2341
2018 Aug 30 myCNC-1.88.2327 myCNC-1.88.2327 myCNC-1.88.2327 myCNC-Embedded-1.88.2327
2018 Jun 06     myCNC-1.88.2177  
2018 Feb 05 myCNC-1.88.1631 myCNC-1.88.1631 myCNC-1.88.1631 myCNC-Embedded-1.88.1631



ISO image files for Linux SBC

We provide ready-to-go image files with complete Linux OS and myCNC software installed for Single Board Computers Raspberry-Pi2/3, Odroid-C2, Odroid-XU4, Asus TinkerBoard.

  1. The image file should be unpacked by 7z archiver, then
  2. Use either Rufus or Etcher software utilities to burn the image to a microSD card
Release date SBC board Disk Image Comment
2018 Aug 22 Asus Tinker Board TinkerBoard myCNC Disk image configured for 15.6" Screen 1366x768 resolution
2018 Jun 07 Asus Tinker Board TinkerBoard myCNC 10" screen Disk image configured for 10.1" Screen 1280x800 resolution
2018 Feb 26 Asus Tinker Board TinkerBoard myCNC   
2017 Dec 26 Raspberry Pi 2/3 Raspberry-Pi2/3 myCNC   


Odroid-C2 myCNC  




Customized LiveCD Ubuntu Mate 16.04LTS with installed myCNC software

The LiveCD is in Alfa-testiing, provided AS IS.

  1. LiveCD can be burned to  DVD disk or written to USB disk with either Rufus or Etcher software utilities.
Release date Description
2018 Apr 02

Ubuntu Mate 16.04LTS + myCNC AMD64 LiveCD


(2018 Apr07)

  • Teamviewer and NoMachines software installed for remote support
  • dnsmasq installed for better DNS resolution
  • Sleep mode and screenasavers disabled by default
  • ssh server installed

(2018 Apr02)

  • myCNC software & profiles updated,
  • myCNC added to autostart, Application menu and desktop
  • Samba (Windows SMB filesystem) server and proFTP server included




To install profiles

  1. Copy archive file to /home/operator/.config/myCNC/
  2. Unpack it with tar
Release date File to download Description/Comments
2018-02-15 TinkerBoard default set Default profiles installed on Tinker Board computer. Includes
1024P*** and 1280M5*** profiles.