Ethernet CNC controller myCNC-ET4 with integrated 4 channel stepper driver (42V, 3Amps) - OBSOLETE


MyCNC-ET4 «All-in-One» CNC Controller / Motion Controller / Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) / 4 channel stepper motor driver.

myCNC-ET4-STEP Controller board based on 100MHz 32bit ARM Cortex-M3 Processor and Altera FPGA logic.

Controller contains:

  • Motion controller with true multi-axes line, arc, spiral, spline interpolators;
  • Programmable Logic Conroller (12 inputs, 3 relay outputs, 0-10V DAC output);
  • 4 stepper motor drivers (bipolar driver, 42V, 3Amps, suits for 4-,6- and 8-wired stepper motors)

myCNC-ET4-STEP technical parameters

Technical parameters
Power supply  24-42V DC, 3A

Number of axes


Number of motor supported


Integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)  Yes

Number of PLC relay outputs


Number of opto-isolated PLC inputs,

DAC (Digital-to-analog converter) output 0-10Vfor spindle speed control  1
RS485 port  2
Internal flash memory for G-code program  2M bytes (up to 8M bytes)

Integrated Motion Controller


Processing time(Calculation speed), us



32-bit ARM Cortext-M3 100MHz

Connection with PC

 Stand alone mode Yes (1MBytes buffer for motion program)