Ethernet CNC controller myCNC-ET5




MyCNC-ET5 «All-in-One» CNC Controller / Motion Controller / Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Controller can work as independent unit as well as with Host PC connected through Ethernet/RS485.


myCNC-ET5 Controller board based on 100MHz 32bit ARM Cortex-M3 Processor and Altera FPGA logic.

Controller contains:

  • Motion controller with true multi-axes line, arc, spiral, spline interpolators;
  • Programmable Logic Controller;


myCNC-ET5 technical parameters.

 Electrical characteristics
 Power supply (CNC controller)  24V DC
 Current (CNCcontroller)  1..4 A (depends on peripherals usage)
 CNC controller parameters

Number of axes


Number of motor supported


Motor driver interface

+/-10V & incremental encoder

 Integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)  Yes

Number of PLC relay outputs


Number of opto-isolated PLC inputs,

Number of transistor keys (open collector) outputs  8
Number of Power PWM (24V, 2A) outputs  3
ADC inputs (0-5V)  4
RS485 port  2
RS485 Modbus ASCII implementation for Motion & peripherals control. yes
USB slave  1
Internal flash memory for G-code program  8M bit

Integrated Motion Controller


Type of interpolation support

  • Linear (all axes simultaneous interpolation).
  • Arc/Helical (2D arc interpolation with simultaneous linear interpolation on rest the axes).
  • Spiral (similar with arc interpolation but with linearly varying arc radius)
  • Spline interpolation
  • NURBS (Non uniformed rational B-spline) interpolation

Processing time(Calculation speed), us



32-bit ARM Cortext-M3 100Hz

Connection with PC

Ethernet; RS485;
 Pulse width  Programmable
80ns - 2,5 us

 Maximum pulse frequency 3.5 MHz