Ohmic Sensors

 ohmic front 001

 Front view

ohmic back001 Back view


The ohmic sensor offered as part of some myCNC kits is designed for workpiece material detection to avoid collision with the metal during the plasma cutting process. The sensor is capable of detecting metal underwater. It is designed to work with any plasma cutting machine (such as Hypertherm, etc), as well as high voltage and HF systems.

The sensor is equipped with an optically isolated signal output to indicate workpiece detection. 


Left (listed top to bottom): Ohmic Out -, Divider +, Divider -, Ohmic Out +, 24V, GND

Right: Ohmic (connected to torch nozzle), Arc, Table

Please contact the myCNC Team to inquire about price and availability.

Often bought with: ET7/ET9 series of myCNC controllers.