ET6 control board firmware reflash

myCNC-ET6 reflashing procedure may take about 3 minutes.

To reflash the board:

  1. Plug 24V DC supply
  2. Plugin micro-USB cable to ET6 & Host Computer with myCNC software installed
  3. Close (short) jumpers J5(reset) & J6(programming) on myCNC control board
  4. Open (remove) J5 jumper.
  5. Open myCNC software on the Host computer,
    a. goto Configuration Tab ->  Support Tab
    b. Set "Select board" set to "myCNC-ET6"
    c. Select "Firmware version" from "Release", "Night build" or "Testing"
    d. Set *UART port* to port with FT232 attached
    e. Set *Baud Rate* set to "115200" for ET6; other baud rate can be selected in case of problems on 115200 speed

  6. Press "Update Firmware" button, Firmware download and reflashing process will begin.

  7. Sector 0 will be written at the end of process. After firmware process finished, a popup message will be shown.

  8. Remove all jumpers (J5, J6) and restart the board. To restart the board you need to either repower ET6 or close the Reset jumper (J5) for 1 second, then release it. The board will be restarted.

In case the reflashing process failed, you will get a popup message. 

If this is the case, please repeat procedure from #3