CNC Laser Cutting machine


For laser cutting control myCNC has

  • Torch Height control (THC)  for laser
  • Initial Height Control (IHC) - probing and set cutting height before cut, Lift up Laser Head after cut
  • Laser Power modulation depends on cutting speed to reduce sheet overheat on corners



Laser cutting profile

The myCNC Team provides the experimental laser cutting profile Y1366L on request. Note that at the time of writing the manual (November 2021) the profile is currently under development and is not yet intended for final release.

The main profile screen is displayed below:

The profile allows to select the following:

  • Cut speed
  • Height
  • Power (percentage)
  • Frequency
  • Duty
  • Gas Type, Gas Pressure
  • Time
  • Dynamic Frequency, 1 and 2

The profile also allows to use up to three pierce steps, and store up to 8 presets for laser cutting.

The modes can also be switched using the G130 command, for example:

G130 P1
G130 P2