myCNC-ET9 (ET7-R4 and above)

The myCNC-ET7R4 (also called the myCNC-ET9) controller is the updated version of the myCNC-ET7 board with some additional functionality. For information on the ET7, please consult the following manual: myCNC-ET7 CNC controller

The board naming is different due to a different chip, which requires a separate version of the firmware from the regular ET7 boards (such as ET7R3).

NOTE: The ET7R5 (Revision 5) and the ET7R6 (Revision 6) controllers use the same ET9 firmware as ET7R4. The functionality between R4 and R5/R6 versions of the board remains the same.

The ET7R4 controller is pictured below:


The myCNC-ET9 pictured with a DC motor driver:


myCNC-ET9 main features in addition to the fucnctionality present on the previous iterations of the board:

  • Motor driver can be plugged into an auxiliary connector (outputs #17/#18)
  • 2 PWM ports duplicated (PWM1, PWM2)
  • Since the driver board is designed for 2 motors, therefore the ET9 has support for both

Reflashing the ET9 board

To reflash the ET9 board, follow the instructions on reflashing the ET7 boards here, however make sure to select the ET7-R4/R5/R6 (ET9) option in the Select Board field. 


Failure to select the correct revision version of the board will result in your board being non-operational. Please consult the myCNC support team prior to a reflash should you have any questions.

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