We offer a number of CNC Motion Control electronic kits which includes:

  • 6 axes CNC Ethernet Motion Control board - one of ET6, ET7, ET10, ET15(under developing)
  • 15.6" TFT screen electronics kit (15.6" IPS Full HD 1920*1080 panel, eDP to HDMI driver board, eDP flex cable, HDMI cable, 15.6" 5-wire resistive toush screen, eGalax USB touch screen driver board with USB cable)
  • Single board computer with Linux OS (Ubuntu Mate 16.04 or Armbian) and myCNC CNC Control software installed. At the moment we can offer options -
    • Odroid-C2 computer board (ARMv8 64 bit, 1500MHz 4 Core CPU, 2G RAM, 16G Flash (microSD class U1), USB Wifi)
    • ASUS Tinkerboard computer board (ARM 32 bit, 1800MHz 4 Core CPU, 2G RAM, 16G Flash (microSD class U1), USB Wifi)

      We have microSD image files to install and run myCNC on popular Raspberry Pi2/3 boards, but OpenGL driver for X Server is not available for Raspberry, so only 2D visualization can be used for Raspberry.

      We prepare system for new Rock64 Single board computer which has 4G RAM on board and suitable for heavy 3-5 axes mill g-code files.
  • Wireless Pendant control. myCNC control software compatible with popular pendant models -
    • XHC WHB02,
    • XHC WHB04L,
    • XHC PHB02,
    • XHC PHB02,
    • XHC PHB02B,
    • XHC PHB03S,
    • XHC PHB04B-6
      We have on stock cheap WHB-02 and the latest advanced PHB02B (keys version), PHB-04B-6 (6 axes handwheel MPG and keys) models to include to CNC kits.
  • Optional operator panel (for ET7 only). ET7 control board has connector for optional Operator panel keyboard. Board contains -
    • 21 keys (fully customized in Control software)
    • 2 rotary encoder (customizad)
    • 1 double axis analogue resistive joystick for XY jogging


Examples of CNC control kits are shown below -