myCNC-ET7 reflashing procedure may take about 3 minutes.

To reflash the board

  1. Plug 24V DC supply
  2. Plugin micro-USB cable to ET7 & Host Computer with myCNC installed
  3. Close jumpers J5(reset) & J6(programming) on myCNC controller board
  4. Open (remove) J5 jumper.

  5. Open myCNC software on Host computer,
    Configuration Tab ->  Support Tab
    "Select board" set to "myCNC-ET7"
    Select "Firmware version" from "Release", "Night build" or "Testing"
    "UART port" select port with FT232 attached
    Baud Rate set to "115200" for ET7; other baudrate can be selected in case of problems on 115200 speed

    myCNC-ET7 reflash firmware dialog

  6. Press "Update Firmware" button, Firmware download and reflashing process will be started.

    myCNC-ET7 reflash firmware dialog

  7. Sector 0 will be written at the end of process, so message in debug window "Sector 0; +" means reflashing process finished successfully.
    Remove all jumpers (J4, J5) and restart the board ().

    If reflashing process failed, please repeat procedure from #3