DeskProto postprocessor for myCNC

A postprocessor for myCNC controllers was added to DeskProto CAM software. It is available for download from 2019 Jan21 with new DeskProto V7.0 bugfix release.

New screen for 3 axes mill

We are working on a new style screen for Mill machines The screenshots below are preview for 3 axes mill      

Charge Pump in myCNC

Change Pump Implementation   Charge pump output can be easily implemented in myCNC control software through the Software PLC.To do it Goto the "Software PLC"       - Press...

A few new shapes were added to the Library

A few new shapes were added to the Library. We have now  75 flat shapes and a few shapes for tube cutting.  

New screen for gas cutting under developing

New screen design for Oxyfuel gas cutting is under developing. Beside new look, we add new user-friendly settings widget for gas cutting      

GUI colors.

We added colour chooser for the last version of myCNC software. Buttons configuration can be programmed in XML configuration files of myCNC profiles. However, colours can be...

New design for Gantry alignment (gantry squaring) popup widget in user dialog under development. We try to make Gantry squaring procedure with two motors on each side on the...

Tinkerboard and 1280x800 resolution.

Armbian OS (Debian Linux) for Tinkerboard does not have 1368x768 resolution by default and I used 1280x720 for a while. Today I found very nice solution Open terminal window,...

1st Post

Store, restore and update Profile configuration to/from myCNC support server was added to the myCNC software. Profile name, date and myCNC controller unique identification...

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